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Luxury con collection this year ranges from luxury music and holographic fountains to mini fountains integrated with carvings and effigies, stunning luxurious sculptures, oceanariums and aquariums, smart spaces integrated with smart security, energy-efficient equipment all automated and synchronized creating a smart life mode of residential and community integration to build a safe comfortable and convenient lifestyle.

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LuxuryCon, in collaboration with esteemed international partners from China, Hong Kong, UAE, and Singapore, operates as a premier sole proprietorship dedicated to crafting deluxe infrastructure projects. Specializing in smart residences, innovative water features, lightweight construction, and advanced automation systems, we aim to set a new benchmark for infrastructure development in Ethiopia with our commitment to excellence.

Our Services

What We Do

At LuxuryCon, we pride ourselves on sourcing only the finest materials from the most reputable sources in China, Singapore, and Hong Kong for our six exceptional services. From the bustling markets of China, we procure high-quality raw materials and cutting-edge technology to fuel our innovation in Music Fountains and Smart Houses.

Specialized Fountains

LuxuryCon specializes in bespoke fountain design, offering music and holographic projection fountains with dynamic lighting shows, including 3D mapping. We also handle scenic area planning and development, ensuring seamless integration of our fountains into captivating environments.

Smart space development

Step into the future of intelligent living with our pioneering approach to designing and developing smart spaces. Dedicated to revolutionizing the conception and experience of homes, residential areas, and business spaces, our company leads the forefront of innovation.

Leisure Products

Luxury con leisure products collection this year features swimming pool systems with automated cleaning and heating mechanisms including luxury Jacuzzis, water arks and children play grounds. For complete Leisure spas our company also imports and installs luxury sauna and steam rooms.


The iconic carvings and castings our company designs provides our clients with unique emblems that elevates status and distinguish them from the masses.


One of the iconic items our company develops is Luxury Aquariums. Such developments include oceanariums, large aquariums and underwater bars and restaurants.

Exterior/interior design and development

At our company, we redefine opulence with our unparalleled expertise in both exterior and interior design. Step into a world where every detail is meticulously curated to reflect your unique style and elevate your living or working space to new heights of sophistication.
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